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Who is the Way of the Playa for?

The Way of the Playa is for anyone seeking different answers to the same old questions. 

Some of the questions, you didn’t even know you had.

But the Way of the Playa answers them before you have them. 

Whether you want to be a happy go lucky Playa who doesn’t care about his handicap, or you want to get to scratch, the concepts in this guide will get you there. 

How do I know? 

Because I've played off every handicap from my first handicap of 21 down to scratch. And the best part is that none of these ideas are brand new to the world.

It’s all tried and tested without the need for smoke and mirrors and fancy data. I will not shame you into changing your swing or clickbait you into oblivion. 

There is no need for me to have a cult of people who will flood the internet with scientism to prove that their religion is the correct one!

I'm selling YOU to YOU 

I know that's a hard one to swallow - that YOU may be the key to your success and that everything you think you know currently, is wrong.

They've sold you tons of info on how to correct your slice. They've fed you a fattening diet of generic quick swing fixes that don't even apply to you. You might have even willingly clicked on the videos and snake oil sales presentations. Like pushing a bruise. You can't stop. 

Everywhere you look, you’re being sold, and you’re being sold HARD. You might not even know it. 

They won’t tell you their marketing campaign is to confuse the hell out of you with info overload, and then sell you something to clear up the confusion that they themselves created! I will admit, it's genius. 

This guide is none of that. Everything in this guide can be put into action immediately. One or two ideas may even slash 10 strokes off your game within 3 rounds. I’m not joking. How much would you pay for that kind of insight and inspiration?

This piece of literature, in combination with videos and audio, is here for you to refer back to. It’s not a ‘read once and done’ piece of material.

You’ll reread it over time and every time you read it, you’ll learn something new - not about golf, but about YOURSELF.

You’ll comprehend things in a clearer way as you experience the topics we’ll learn about together.

Be Yourself, It’s All That You Can Be. Permission to be YOU.

The Way of the Playa is about YOU. 

It’s a thorough guide on playing golf but the key ingredient throughout, is YOU.

YOU personalize the experience.

You learn about YOU.

You understand how YOU control your fate on the golf course and adapt every concept to YOU.

You take the driver's seat in this journey because no one else can. 

This is a program for people who look to themselves and do not blame others. 

No victims are allowed here. Victims and Karens are not welcome in the Way of the Playa.

The Way of the Playa is NOT for Victim Mentality sufferers

If you see yourself as a victim of anything in your life - I don’t care what it is, you will never be successful at anything. This guide is about you happening to the world, not the world happening to you. 

This is a guide for people who can take responsibility for their own actions and lives. They can learn, apply, iterate, make a concept their own. I'm not your daddy and I don't coddle.

I show you the way and if I point to the Sunset and all you can focus on is my finger, you're screwed. 

Anyone who looks for an excuse as to why something will not work is not the target audience of this guide.

The Way of the Playa is NOT swing mechanic advice

There are no swing mechanic tips in this guide at all. Any generic swing tip you may have picked up, you either implemented wrong, and think it's a success or the effects lasted 2-3 weeks before you added another band-aid to the existing problem you created 3 weeks before. 

I do not understand a golf swing and neither do you. I promise, you really don’t and if you think you do, then you probably need this guide more than anyone. 

Very very few people truly understand the golf swing, and by that I mean they understand the golf swing in relation to the person swinging. You are your own worst enemy if you're a self-diagnozer. 

Yes there are quick fixes in this guide because they are easily implemented immediately without changing your swing or going through some massive overhaul of how you hit a ball.

The Way of the Playa is NOT for people who want to play Golf Swing

Playing Golf Swing is a different game to Playing Golf

When we play golf, we try to get the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible.

We do this by planning, strategizing, understanding ourselves, and applying what we’ve learned along the way with mindful awareness of how WE personally perform in differing situations. 

Playing Golf Swing is thinking that you need to have perfect mechanics and a Tour level swing to even remotely enjoy golf. That is a load of horse shit. 

There is no cookie cutter model to play golf. There is no ONE swing. You cannot play golf crippled by swing thoughts.

There is no hard data in this book for all the amateur data scientists that have popped up suddenly all over the world. This is not a guide for the Strokes Gained bros. If your religion is Playing Golf Swing or you’re a Strokes Gained bro, then you may have a hard time digesting this guide.

But you’re welcome to try.

Why do I sound so abrasive?

My cult is a cult of fun. The cult that gives you the control and power over your own game, playing proactively, confidently. But I don't suffer fools. Ever. 

I give you permission to be YOU.

The tone may not be of your friendly neighborhood uncle with a white van selling ice creams when the parents are at work. I'm selling You to YOU with straight talk.

A guru is not a guru because he gives you the answer in a spoon for you to consume. The true guru probes and forces you to look at yourself to realize that everywhere you're running to get away from your current situation where you're totally dissatisfied, is pointless.

You'll run and run and run, then end up back where you started realizing there was no real problem and everything has been there for you from the begining. And I will help you find your way back to being the Playa you were meant to be. 

Your favorite cult leader,