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The Glimpse

'If you think you can or if you think you cannot, you are right' - Betty Ford


The Glimpse is how to see into your true potential and use that to get out of your own way to enjoy golf more and avoid the tension and worry that comes with becoming a higher version of yourself while on the course.  

We live in a world of cowards. A world of people who cannot wait to put others down. The irony is that the coward who is putting the other down has never done anything of meaning in their lives.

Be careful of these cowards.

Cowards will tell you that your dream is impossible.

Cowards will tell you to 'stay in your lane'. How gauling.

Cowards will tell you everything to keep you from being better or improving yourself beyond what they ever imagined for themselves. Why? Because they are jealous and their ego has got in the way of them doing anything significant.

80% of people do not care about your problems and the remaining 20% are happy you have them. No one cares. Stop sharing with these types. The fight is internal.

If the Wright Brothers stayed in their lane and listened to the dodo brains, we’d all be riding bicycles overseas instead of flying. Leonardo Davinci wouldn’t have a Tom Hanks film named after him.

The Glimpse in the Way of the Playa is Foundational

It’s not just a side topic. It’s so important to your mindset as you try to improve at golf and have more fun.

The Glimpse is your mind getting out of its lane - showing you what you are capable of. It is however, most difficult for you to actually accept it.

The Glimpse is your potential and I know you’ve already seen it.


You’ve written it off to fluke luck, a lucky putt here, an amazing chip in there.

You’ve told people that this always happens but don’t worry the wheels will fall off soon.

{Please feel free to insert your own self deprecating nonsense here. FYI: Self-deprecating humor in men is not funny. No one finds it funny and no one wants to listen to it. We appreciate you doing your best and accepting the outcome. Self-deprecation is a speedbump in the way of getting where you want to go}

Why are you so scared of success that you’d rather fail to meet others expectations?


The Way of the Playa reconditions the Mind

That means unlearning what the world has put in you, then rebooting your system with a stronger Operating System. Something tougher, simpler and harder to break.

You’ve been told for too long by the gaslighters that you couldn’t repeat what you did and you just got lucky - in any endeavor. Gaslighters are the very same people who do nothing.

They’ve told you it doesn’t count if it’s not on a 7,000 yard course but they haven’t broken 110 strokes on a 6,000 yard course. Blah blah blah. It's all noise to cover up their fragile egos. 

Those days are over inside the Way of the Playa.

Self-knowledge is always the focus

Self knowledge and seeing things from a new perspective will make you impervious to that bullshit.

If you can do something once, you can do it twice. If you can do it twice, you can do it 4 times and so on, into infinity. Failure is only when you stop. You fail by default. Its about knowing yourself, accepting you are capable and iterating over and over and over into infinity. 

This is not some pseudo psychology. That's the very first thing the gaslighters want to call it because it's such a big shift to think 'I am happening to the world' instead of 'the world is happening to me'.

The Glimpse is YOUR POTENTIAL as a golfer, and no one can predict your potential except, you guessed it...


No one can control the amount of trust you place in yourself to achieve anything you want.

When you see your ability to score a certain score, and accept the ability, it can change your entire being. Your entire body will begin to operate in an elevated state. If you see your achievement or your ability as luck and that it won’t be repeated, I have some bad news. You are correct.

What’s your best score over 3 holes? Have you ever gone level par?

What’s your best score over 6, 9 or 12 holes in a row?

Have you ever gone under par for a stretch of 3 to 6 holes?

This is not LUCK

I’ll tell you a little secret of the golfers that make you jealous at your club.

They all take their scorecard home and run through what could have been.

If they just avoided that three putt. 

If they just picked the bump and run shot instead of the floaty lob wedge.

They’re looking at WHAT COULD BE because they know they have it in them. NEVER let anyone tell you that this is stupid or it's pointless to look at 'what-ifs'. If you're not learning from your past experience, then you are failing. Hard. 

When we take our scorecards home, we see the potential 72 from the 81 that we just shot. Then we repeat the good, and if we find a trend in poor play, we iterate. We find what's wrong, and devise a way of fixing one or two things. But not just the symptom, but the root cause. 

We acknowledge our luck on the course but understand we had equal cases of bad luck on the same day. We'll say yes, that par where the ball hit a tree and it landed on the green was lucky, but we'll tell you the course took back when the sprinkler head moved the ball 10 yards left into a bunker even though it was online. 

The Glimpse Exercise ONE - Your Best Score Ever

Run through the best score you've had on every hole on your course.

Write it in the scorecard. I mean physically write it in pen or pencil. You must feel it through your hand, onto the paper. Everything you write down will come to fruition. Don't ask me how to explain how. It just works. Don't use a computer or spreadsheet. WRITE IT OUT..

Look at that ‘best case scenario’ score.

YOU DID THAT. You scored that score. It doesn’t matter how you did it, all that matters is your body did it on that day.

Do you see where I’m going yet?

Once you have filled in all your best scores on the scorecard by hole, add it up. Add that shit up and tell me you didn’t DO THAT.

Whatever you scored on that ‘best ever’ 18 holes is your potential. You are capable of scoring those scores on those holes.

The Glimpse Exercise TWO - Get Out of Your Lane

Think back or look back on old scorecards/rounds.

What is your best run of holes? How many holes and what was the score?

For example:

If you’re a 17 handicapper but you once went level par for 7 holes, you are capable of doing that again.

If you are capable of going level for 7 holes, are you not capable of going +7 for the other 11 holes, and breaking 80?


If you say NO, please elaborate, why not? Whatever you just told yourself is still your conditioning. Get rid of it. It's useless.

You probably didn’t continue that great run of holes, though, because you started thinking worrying about it and started wondering how to continue playing your best, instead of just continuing as you were, as if nothing was in your way.

But YOU got in YOUR own way.

You got in your own way by forgetting about just hitting shots. You started thinking about the end result before you even finished the middle part. You were signing your card before you even finished the NEXT shot. That's the only shot that counts.

get out of your own way

The Way of the Playa is Getting Out of Your Own Way

The Glimpse is an understanding of what is possible if you get out of your own way and let it flow with the knowledge and acceptance of how good you can be if you don't stop to worry about it. It’s vital to have the mindset that you can be better than you are.

Why is this important?

Because The Glimpse is what is possible.

Is it likely? No. Is it possible? Yes.

The key is to understand that you are capable and at the same time, not become discouraged when you do not score those scores on each hole.

Understand that you have scored them before and if you have a bad hole here or there, you still realize that at any point, you can turn it on and go on a scream of good scores at any time.


Listen to or read this nugget of golfing gold at your pleasure.