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I followed your advice from most recent vid featuring Tsepho, t-bone,
and his round.

I did the Bag Audit. I kept only 5 clubs to hit with, and left the ones
that screw me in the truck. I hit only what I knew how to hit. Crap
shots happen, and oh well. I followed the prescription you gave for
Tsepho. Wore my GS Heather blue shirt. And believed in myself, kept
relaxed, and stuck to the fucking program.

I dropped 8 shots off PREVIOUS BEST and 11 shots off previous round.


Guys I play with knew I had it working much better than prior rounds.
They respected my wish to not know my score. And they were relaxed
about me taking some extra time here and there. And they knew without
counting that I had played WAYYY better.

Key insight: "Matt said do a bag audit. take out all the clubs that
screw you. Ok, I leave in 2 clubs to hit off tee, and appropriate
fairway and approach shots; 2 wedges for grass, one for sand-only."

Like you said, playa,

that, kind sir, meant more of my shots had COMMITMENT.

I dropped 8 fucking shots, playa. I have you to thank for it. And I am
extremely pleased to tell you that I did. I know it makes you feel good
to read the comments and to hear when your messages get through, and to
hear when playas are dropping their scores.


Chesfield Downs, Hertfordshire, England. A really nice little course. Not terribly tricky but definitely has it’s dangers and difficulties.

I began the round absolutely committed to the process; 6 scrambles, 6 GIRs and 6 Birthdays, and most importantly no score adding! I jotted down on my card the 3 columns where the ticks would go and marched onto the first tee full of confidence…

1 - Good drive but left of fairway, my opening drive it’s magnetised to this spot! 160 to green centre and the new mind set kicks in “I want a GIR tick, not a birdie, par, single… a tick”. Hit a 6i over the back of the green. Standing over a 20ft chip from the semi-rough I’m now thinking “fine, scramble tick then”. Normally with this shot I'm praying to save a single, avoid a fuck up - don’t duff it, don’t duff it. Now I have a bucket of about 140 balls in my garden and I practise the bucket almost every day, chipping 10/15/20ft up and down the garden. No reason why I can’t get a scramble tick here… So I did. 1st up and down.

2 - A really tough hole (SI 1), longish par 4 and treacherous tee shot - tight fairway with OOB either side. I’ve started taking a 5i here. Doesn’t get me far up but normally keeps me in play and I always play for a single. Not a great tee but I’m in play. Second shot is another 5i which leaves me 60yds to the pin. I have a straight line to the flag, danger on the right but a flag attack is the right shot. Again normally here I’m feeling a touch wobbly and crossing fingers for a single. Now I’m thinking “bump this close for another up and down, you can do this, you have the skill for another tick”. The difficulty of the hole just disappeared and I’m now focussed on the scramble. 9i bump to 3ft and putt. 2nd up and down. The approach shot was a thing of beauty, totally born out of a different thought process.

3 - Par 3, 130 yds over water which carries on up the right side. Not a difficult hole but there’s no such thing as an easy shot over water. Anyway, fuck the water, I want my GIR tick. Get it on the green.
*Another Sidekick tip here - take enough club. I know a full 9 gets me there but with a slight head wind, if I down catch it perfect I’m short and possibly in the water. Don’t be a hero, take an 8i and if you’re long, no danger*.
My 8i finds the centre of the green and slide in a two putt. 3 holes, 2 scrambles and 1 GIR. Oh, and level par (but we’re not thinking that way are we now..?)

4 & 5 - Scruffy drives but didn’t panic or try anything too dramatic. Keep the ball in play and accept that it’s your birthday. Just don’t be too hungover going into the next hole…

6 - Another scruffy drive but this short par 4 still leaves a very achievable GIR. The lie wasn’t great but a sturdy 7i will be fine. I push it just right of the green. 15ft chip left now and again I’m thinking “good chance of some scrambled eggs here” instead of “try and save a single”. Pop it on and roll it within a foot. A cosy up and down.

7 - Even shorter par 4 and a drivable green. Drive it pin high just right of the green. A 20ft chip up a bank and onto the green for another GIR tick. Not bothered about the score, just get the GIR. Yep, and a two putt for par.

8 - So a straight forward par 4 here, a tricky GIR for me but definitely has scramble potential. I’m playing well and not thinking about the score. Apart from the small fact that I’m well aware I’m now 2+ after 7 holes. That’s a good score, I could break 80, today’s the day - the carnival has arrived in town and my process focus is buggered. I’m no longer inside the shot, I’m pouring prosecco and dancing around my kitchen in celebration of the wonder of me and my awesome existence. Double bogey.

9 - An easy par 3 but the green is a subtle bastard. I’m hungover from the birthday double and mentally at sea. Double bogey.

10 - Turning into the back 9 I’m becoming anxious about ruining the round and frustrated at some really slow play in front of me. The carnival has left town and leaves behind it some puddles of dog dirt and a half eaten salmon. I’m rattled but hopeful. Tee into a fairway bunker and then make a terrible decision. I could just chip out and leave a 7i into the green. I decide to smash it as far as I can to leave an easy up and down (I know deep down I’m trying to save the score - stop kidding yourself man, you’ve deserted the process). The result is landing on the adjacent fairway with an impossible shot to the green. I end up just about saving a treble.

11 - I crunch down on the tee box and rest my forehead on on the shaft of my driver, close my eyes and say to myself “you can either walk back to the car park or play the process, what are you going to do?” After a genuine contemplation I elect to carry on. A single birthday follows but I feel like I’m back on track.

12 - Par 3 that’s tightly guarded by lots of beach. Another single birthday (yeah, lots of birthdays I know!) but I accept it and march on, I’m feeling good.

13 - So after 5 straight birthday ticks the gloves come off and I’m up for it. An accurate drive needed here and I absolutely nail it, 240 into the centre of a dog leg right (and a mutter of approval from some nearby golfers. I’m now so far from score worry that this GIR feels odds on. 135 8i over a bunker into the centre of the green and 2 putt for par. Magical hole.

14 - Or so I thought, no this was magical. GIR and up and down for the bird.

15 - Another very tricky tee shot, OOB both sides and the fairway runs quickly right to left. End up riding my luck here as my drive pops back out of no-mans-land on the semi rough on the right. Gary Player reminds me “the more I practise, the luckier I get”. Thanks Gary. Imperfect lie, 190 to the green - just relax, get it up there and play for the up and down, no need to do anything wild. Stroked it to the edge of the green and chipped on for an easy putt. Par.

16 - Uphill par 5. Two good shots needed for the GIR. Drove great but topped the 2nd shot leaving 150 into a narrow long green with bunkers either side. I don’t care for par, I don’t care for the sub 80, I want my GIR tick. The flag is right at the back but that’s none of my business - if I burst a vessel trying to reach it I’m getting into trouble. Just GET IT ON THE GREEN. 6i to the front and I’ve earned another GIR. I’m so relaxed when staring at the 60ft putt I roll it to within 1ft and tap in for par.

17 - A fun little par 3 with a bunkered keyhole green. Pin is at the front so a straight shot playing to the front not only gets me another GIR but could get me close to the pin. 7i, play to roll onto the front, no need to knock the skin off. I’m focussed on my principle target - the GIR, and it ends up 4ft from the hole. Golfers on the adjacent fairway acknowledge the shot and I temporarily feel like a real golfer 🙂
Roll in the putt for a second bird.

18 - Uphill, blind tee shot but a very reachable par 4, just need a half decent tee shot. No need for a driver here but I’m always confident with the long stick here so that’s what I select. What I didn’t mean to do though was glance at the score on my golf app - my subconscious just HAD to bloody know didn’t it. My brain starts doing the calculations “a birdie here and you go home with a sub-80”. The distant chimes of the carnival grow ever closer and my head starts turning to cotton wool. What do I do? I know what’s happening and I have to stop it. I stare at my score card, not the score but the ticks and ask myself “what do you want more than anything right now?” I answer “Another GIR tick”. Do it.
Stripe a 244 drive up the left hand side of the fairway and I’m in good shape. Arrive to the ball and find myself in two minds. 105 to the centre would normally be a PW but with a slightly dodgy lie and a minor head wind, that could easily hang short. A 9i definitely gets me there but risks going long. I have to weigh up the higher percentage shot. Pull out the 9i and make perfect contact. It cuts straight through the wind and ends up over the back left of the green. My brain knows that the 79 dream is all but over but I honestly don’t care, I turn my attention to a scramble tick. A lovely little chip up the bank sees the ball roll next to the hole but 8ft past. It’s a makable putt though. If it wasn’t for the 7 pints of adrenaline that filled my arms I’m sure I would’ve rolled it in, but it wasn’t to be. I walk away with a birthday.

So that’s 6 up and downs, 6 GIRs and 8 birthdays (I’m counting the birdies as GIRs and scrambles - is that allowed?!?!). Now the round is over I can mention the score. An 81. And that my Sidekick friend is my best ever round, with a handicap reduction to 12.8