Best Putter for Slow Greens

Some of us play on bikini waxed greens . And some of us play on slow bumpy greens every week. One is a totally different challenge to the other.

I've always played lighter putters but never fully realized how much I love them until I moved to the tropics! The greens can be very slow here and need a much longer and confident back stroke on putts. And the best part? 

You can hit the ball harder and remove some of the break and really because of that, make way more putts on slow greens!

Putts on slower greens need a little more 'hit' to get the ball to the hole and a heavier putter is difficult to control in those situations because the extra weight makes it difficult to hit consistent distances.

Go straighter, hit it harder, use a lighter putter

For slower greens, go lighter on the putter

For faster greens, I say heavier putters. For slower greens, I say lighter putters. A lot of Tour pros agree. Heavy and light are all relative of course but below I outline some of the putters that feel light but aren't featherweight. There is some weight behind them, just not the same as putters for fast greens.  

You won't see the pros using too many putters for slow greens because they keep those greens at 12 on the stimpmeter - that's like putting on marble tiles!

Let's get the ball rolling...

The Best Putters for Slow Greens

  1. Cleveland Huntington Beach #1 Putter (Best feel from milled steel face)
  2. Odyssey Toe Up #1 Putter (Best balanced putter for slow greens)
  3. Tour Edge Back Draft GT Putter (Best budget option for slow greens)
  4. Taylormade Tour Preferred Juno (Best Tour model putter for slow greens)


Beach #1

Toe Up #1

Tour Edge 2
Back Draft  

Tour Preferred

Special Info

No insert - a nice
milled steel face

Classic 'Anser' 
shape putter for


Odyssey insert

Weight is mainly

in the heel for
more balance

Jumbo grip for
better stroke

High contrast
white color

makes aiming

Adjustable weights
in the sole

Premium Tour
level putter



How to putt on slow greens

Remember these three things when you're playing on slow greens:

  1. It's not your fault  - When you play on slow bumpy greens, you're going to miss some putts to start with but don't blame yourself too much. The ball can hop all over and depending on the grain of the grass it can affect the amount of break and whether the ball bounces around or not. Just realize that it's not going to all go your way and so...
  2. Putt for less break and hit it harder - Under-reading your putts is a good idea on slow greens since they break less. Hit the putt firmer on your line and trust the stroke. The harder 'hit' will make the ball move faster, removing a lot of the break you think is there.
  3. Hit short putts firm, don't baby them in - This one takes a major leap of faith and confidence in yourself. On putts inside 5 feet, pick your line, usually inside the hole and hit it firm so it slams the back of the cup. You might miss one out of ten and it will be a disaster with 6 foot back again, but you'll make 9 out of 10 and walk off with a lot more pars.

Best Putters for Slow Greens Reviews

A deeper milling on the steel club face gives the putter a soft buttery feel when caressing the ball into the hole.

There's less skidding and with the lighter weight, you can go ahead and give the ball a solid thump on lag putts and on shorter ones, really drill it into the back of the jar.

At this price, there are very few brand name putters that can deliver this level of quality in a putter. One of the best putters for slow greens.

  • check-circle
    Classic Ping Anser style blade
  • check-circle
    Lightweight head for slower greens
  • check-circle
    Milled steel face for consistent roll
  • check-circle
    Excellent for short putts
  • times-circle
    The stock grip is not very good

Unique weight placement to square your club face

When you rest the Toe Up #1 on a table, the toe of the club points straight up in the air which is unusual since most putters toes hang down.

That's something very good for golfers who have trouble timing their putting stroke to be square at impact. Some of us putt with a rounded arc and with the Toe Up, the weight all being in the heel helps to square the face up easily for you.

  • check-circle
    Effortless square face at impact
  • check-circle
    Thick grip to remove hands from the stroke
  • check-circle
    Three easy to align sight lines on the flange​​​
  • check-circle
    Offset of the putter makes it play like a center shafted putter
  • times-circle
    Will take time to get used to all the weight being in the heel

One of the best value name brand putters

The Tour Edge 4 Backdraft GT+ putter makes it easy to align your putts with the white clubhead and high contract black lines in the back of the club. 

It comes with a jumbo sized grip to maintain a wrist free stroke giving you more consistent feel and distance control. 

The white finish lasts and won't chip off like the cheaper Pinemeadows. It's a medium weight club and will be a hit on slower greens.

  • check-circle
    Very low price far below $100
  • check-circle
    White and black high contrast alignment
  • check-circle
    Promotes solid putting grip throughout stroke
  • check-circle
    30 day guarantee and lifetime warranty
  • times-circle
    Does look a little like a knock-off
  • times-circle
    Slightly difficult on long putts

For most golfers, we need a little more top spin to get the ball on a purer roll to the cup. This putter delivers that in spades.

On the aluminum-polymer face of the Taylormade Juno Putter are 45° angled grooves that cause friction and reduce backspin on putts.

The Taylormade Juno also gives us that classic blade look so many golfers are familiar with. It brings together sexy looks, soft feel, a pure roll and reliable distance control into one solid package. 

An aluminum-polymer insert on the face sends feedback into your loins to let you know how you hit the putts and with the oversized grip, your wrists aren't going to sabotage you anymore. 

It's a really nice all-round performer with a touch of Scotty Cameron to it. Great value at the price.

  • check-circle
    High-end appearance - like a putter twice the price
  • check-circle
    Angled grooves on aluminium polymer face eliminates backspin
  • check-circle
    Promotes solid putting grip throughout stroke
  • check-circle
    30 day guarantee and lifetime warranty
  • times-circle
    Shorter alignment lines than optimal
  • times-circle
    Less forgiving than an Odyssey


I hope the mini-guide and reviews above helped you find a decent putter for slow greens. I've gamed Cleveland putters numerous times and when I played off a scratch handicap, I was playing with a Cleveland. I highly recommend them.

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