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Best Putter For Straight Back And Through Stroke 2021

A straight back and through putting stroke is probably the most common out there but it is difficult to master. It sounds simple, take the putter back on a straight line and then follow that line back though the ball. BUT how many of us struggle to hit the ball out of the sweet spot even on such a short stroke?

The solution to this problem could be in the putter you’re using. Blade putters look great but aren’t the most forgiving and will put a microscope on any flaws in your stroke. Switching to a centre shafted mallet design could help you become a putting demon and the envy of your buddies.

Let’s take a look at a few different models to see if we can find the best putter for straight back and through stroke.

Best Putter For Straight Back And Through Stroke

  1. Wilson Infinite Men's Golf Putter (Best value premium mallet putter)
  2. TaylorMade Truss Center Shaft Putter (Best for players who want a blade putter)
  3. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter (traditional mallet best for purists)
  4. Tour Edge Wingman Putter (wildcard option best for alignment)
  5. Odyssey EXO Seven Putter (best for tech heads)

Amazing value putter with premium features 

This is a great putter. Simple. It is counterbalanced meaning the balance point of the club is closer to the hands which is ideal for a straight back and through stroke. The head has a matte black anti glare finish and features simple alignment guides which match up perfectly with the centre aligned shaft. 

The double milled CNC face feels amazing - even with harder distance balls. This is a hard putter to beat for the price!

  • Counterbalanced
  • Matte anti glare finish 
  • Really nice stock oversized grip 

A really interesting design which gives centre shafted fans a blade option 

Yes, the Truss design looks a bit strange, but it is there to add supreme stability to the club head throughout the putting stroke. This bladed version of the Truss line looks AWESOME down at address and you don’t notice the extra metal near the shaft at all.

This is a super premium product and everything about it looks and feels quality. TaylorMade says the Truss design can reduce head rotation but 70% in the centre shafted model, so this could be the silver bullet for straight back and through putters who are struggling for consistency. Worth a try if you have the budget! 

  • Truss technology provides extreme stability
  • Premium TaylorMade build quality
  • Blade head will attract many players 

No frills mallet from probably the best in the business 

If you don’t like the idea of a centre shafted putter but want the stability of a mallet, you can’t look past the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0.

The White Hot Pro 2.0 has a white urethane face insert, which provides golfers with a soft and receptive face allowing the putter to have similar characteristics to that of a hard-faced putter but with much more feel and forgiveness.

The Eyefit alignment systems make framing the ball simple and the black finish rounds out the sleek look. A solid option for any golfer.

  • Simple clean design
  • White Hot face insert 
  • Good alignment aid on putter head

Cool design with high level of adjustability 

Tour Edge makes excellent value products with premium features. I am a huge fan of their fairway woods and was interested to try this putter out. It’s packed full of technology and the weights can be adjusted to suit your putting stroke.

This putter has a super high MoI but it doesn’t feel like a sledgehammer in your hands. The alignment aid on the top is different to many designs out there but I really liked how it focused my attention on the ball. It was pretty obvious when you were misaligned, and combined with the centre shaft it was perfect for my stroke. 

  • Adjustable weights
  • Target lock alignment system 
  • Excellent pricing 

All of Callaway’s putter tech in one club 

The Odyssey #7 is an iconic putter shape and with the EXO features it includes all of the latest technology Callaway has to offer.

This version is claimed to be 50% more forgiving than the standard Seven which when combined with the centre shaft and Microhinged White Hot face , make this putter a seriously gameable option for players with a straight back and through stroke.

It’s on the pricey side, but with Odyssey, you know you’re getting a quality piece of kit which will deliver round after round.

  • Full of technology
  • Easy to align
  • Rear fins make picking the ball up easy
  • High level of forgiveness