Best Putter for Fast Greens

Best Putter for Fast Greens

Fast greens are scary. One and two footers look like 10 footers when you're low on confidence. You start seeing 6 inches of break on a 1 foot putt! Lag putts turn into guaranteed three putts in your head as you walk up to the green. No more my guy, no more

What speed is fast?

Usually we consider a green to be fast if the stimpmeter reading is 10 or more. 

best putter for fast greens

The Best Putters for Fast Greens

  1. PING Sigma 2 Kushin C (Best for inside 10 feet)
  2. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2 (Best budget option)
  3. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 (Sleeper pick)
  4. EVNROLL ER1.2 Tour Blade (Best for mis strikes)
  5. Taylormade Spider X (Mallet style for all green speeds)

Use light or heavy putters on faster greens

Personally I prefer lighter putters but it makes no difference on fast greens as you can tel my what people use on the pro tour. Yes they are pro's but some are using blades, and some are using massive sledgehammers on the same greens.

Heavier putters work well on fast greens because you only need a short back stroke to get the ball moving. But the lighter putter also works because it just feels more nimble in your hands like a magic wand. 

The choice is yours really but here are putters I believe work on fast greens.

How to Putt on Fast Greens

Fast greens are intimidating but there are some hints and tricks to remember when putting on slick surfaces. Here's a quick guide: 

  1. Add more break to what you can see. In other words, never under-read the greens, always add another couple of inches of break.
  2. Always try have an uphill putt. If you're chipping, try chip it to a place below the hole. If you know the greens on the course, aim to be below the hole even if you're further from the pin. Downhill putts on fast greens are even quicker and produce even more break!
  3. Hit downhill putts off the toe of the putter - I grew up playing on greens 12 or 13 on the stimp all week. When I had a downhiller, I just took the same stroke and hit it off the dead weight of the toe. Works like a charm.
  4. On short putts, DO NOT LIFT YOUR HEAD. You should never actually see a short putt go in the hole with your eyes. You should only ever HEAR them. Just trust your line, jam it and listen for the rattle of the ball in the bottom of the cup. I promise you will make more putts.
  5. On short putts, take less break and hit it firmer. This goes hand in hand with number 4, because if you hit it firm and miss a 3 footer, you can have a 6 footer back. Keep your head down, trust the line and try slam the ball into the back edge of the hole. You don't want to baby short putts into the hole on fast greens.

Distance control and short putt mastery

The Sigma 2 Kushin C is one of the best blade putters for straight back and through strokes. It has a center shaft which is not for everyone, but the center shaft makes it really easy to line up your putts and get your eyes over the ball and more importantly, easier to hit the sweet spot.

An interesting concept PING have used on this putter is the adjustable length. You can adjust the length to be anything between 33 and 36 inches. 

The insert used in the new ping putters has the appearance of a milled steel face putter and reacts in a similar way but with a softer feel. The design is meant to get the ball rolling quicker. This is particularly evident on putts inside 10 feet. It's a putt-making boss.

PING have long been excellent putter and driver builders and this is no exception in the long line up. There are many options and variants in the Sigma 2 range to suit your eye.

  • Potent inside 10 and 5 feet
  • Insert provides sufficient feedback to gauge strikes to adapt to
  • Center shaft makes it easy to align your eyes, mind and putter face
  • Good for straight back and through strokes
  • Ajustable length
  • Not suitable for more arced strokes - you want a heel shafted putter
  • Not as good from 20 feet 

Best budget putter

The insert in this range of Odyssey putters are very popular and for the price they are going at now, it's like stealing. The feeling off the insert is soft and consistent with  forgiveness on off center hits you just won't find on steel faced putters.

There are multiple models and head designs in this range and while they may be 3 or so years old, there is nothing wrong with owning one of these. 

Any Odyssey is a good purchase and the black color of these putters gives a different depth perception and contrast on the greens to help align your ball. If you like a traditional blade, the #1 an #3 models will suit you but if you prefer a mallet, there are 3 options in this rang too.

  • Excellent value for money
  • One of the most popular inserts in pro golf
  • Black and white colors excellent for alignment
  • Insert works well for soft and hard golf balls
  • Black color fades off the bottom
  • Can feel a little bit 'soft' when you strik the ball

The original

Scotty Cameron needs no introduction. This is the brand Tiger has relied on for years. It's simply superb. With EVNROLL and Bettinardi in the market now, there are some competitors but Scotty remains the leader in premium putters.

I have putted a lot of Scotty's in my life but was never really convinced by them until I tried this Newport 2 model. It's equally on the same level as the EVNROLL putter lower on this page. 

The craftsmanship, feel, look and consistent roll of the Scotty is what makes it so good. 

The best putter I have ever held

In this video on my Youtube channel, I used this very putter. I've tried out a lot of EVNROLL putters and when I do move away from Cleveland putters, and feel it is warranted, EVNROLL will be my first choice.

The ER1.2 I used made it so easy to get the pace right on the very fast greens at Horizon Hills golf course. All I could think was "this is sex in your hands".

What EVNROLL get so right with all their putters is the look. It looks so professional and so crisp. The satin look is calming and the sharp clean lines of the putter make it feel sturdy and ready to deal one-putts. You feel like a boss just standing over the ball. Thats 80% of the battle won.

When you do take the putter back, it feels sinful. It actually feels like the putter has cheats enabled. You take it back and it stays where you want it and when you stroke the ball on the follow through, your instincts immediately know how much power to give it. 

I have never felt putters as good as this. I know it all sounds over the top, but this is the best putter brand out there right now.

  • Clubheads are perfect in dimensions and coloring
  • Easy to instinctively feel the power needed on any given distance
  • High-launching and glides through the turf
  • Perfect for fast and slow greens - they are perfect
  • They are very expensive
  • Nothing else

The top of the putter has a new alignment aid which was missing in the initial models of the Spider. It was solid on top with a dark line running down the center. These new Spider X models have a white 'Y' shape on the top of the club with a black line running through it. 

With the weights on the outside, you can control the balance. of the putter to suit your stroke. The insert has been improved with 45° grooves for a better roll as well as a improved sound.

A more compact head makes this putter more accessible to a wider range of golfers. The prior generations had much larger, bulkier heads which swayed a lot in the back stroke. With a bit of nipping and tucking, Taylormade has produced a putter that remains stable on the take away and suits both a straight back and through stroke as well as a slightly arced stroke. 

  • Clubheads are perfect in dimensions and coloring
  • Easy to instinctively feel the power needed on any given distance
  • High-launching and glides through the turf
  • Perfect for fast and slow greens - they are perfect
  • They are very expensive
  • Nothing else


I hope this guide helped you to find a putter to cure your woes. I played on fast Bent grass greens for a long period and found the best putters were easily the heavier mallets and I drained a ton of putts with them. Short putts on fast greens with a mallet putter is like taking candy from a baby.

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