Your challenge if you choose to accept

YOU give me the handicap YOU THINK I should have, and then let's play a match - stroke play. What do you reckon? Give me a handicap somewhere between 10 and 16? 

Stakes: $5,000 US dullahs

Location: Thailand

Course: Any course with water on at least 15 holes, 6700-8000-yard-tees; up to you I don't mind. You pick it, we play it, but there must be 15 holes at least with water bordering the green or fairway.

Tee time: Only between 10:30am and midday, no earlier than that.

Stipulations: We both carry a camera on a tripod for all 18 holes and film each others shots as well as our own shots. Every shot anyone misses filming is one stroke penalty. Walk the entire round, no golf carts. If you hold up play while filming, you get a one stroke penalty. Your claimed handicap must be independently verified officially beforehand. Video to be posted on Youtube.

Come on then big boy....

Some Karens get offended by the stipulations above. Why the stipulations?

Well Karen Dingleberry...the golf courses on the channel are almost always 6700 to 7200 yards with fairway bordered by water on most of the holes which you can't see because you're obtuse. Filmed rounds for 2 people will take no more than 3.5 hours, walking and filming. You will have to keep time. 

We play in the heat of the day between 88 and 100° F and we WALK, and I carry a camera on a tripod the entire way round. So you have to play like how I play to make it a fair contest since you've decided to have a mouth vomit on my comments section. 

If you do not respond via my email MATT at GOLFSIDEKICK dot COM then I assume you're just a 30 year old living with your parents and never had a relationship or a child...or just a loser.