Emil The Beginner Almost Crushes the In-Laws

Hi playa.

I started my Journey of golf last summer after years of consideration. My goal is to beat my parents in-law who are decent playas.

Never took a lesson, just watched Youtube mostly you obviously.

Magic happened in a matchplay with The in-laws. I started of with my
first ever birdie at hole 3 par 3, first shot went over The Green and I had a nasty chip with a Hard downsloping Green. Somehow i managed to get The ball in a perfect line, and it just rolled in The damn cup!

With The confidence of The birdie I kept The Momentum and had The lead for The first 9 holes. But with a body that is not used to carrying a heavy bag I tragically lost the last 9 (obviously the shitty clubs fault, and not me being sweaty and weak).

Since then I’ve grinded out a lot of hours on the range and playing 9 hole rounds alone to increase my stress-free golf. Even though I’m a faithful follower of The slice, I reduced my hcp thanks to your higher power.

I Will Come to Thailand and learn The ways of The playa.

Waddacheesy message

MATT: LOL Emil, this was a hilarious story. I can give you some advice here. For every time you beat your in-laws, you must lose to them 3 times. Golf is more important than life. They will kill you.

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