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Most Forgiving Muscleback Irons 2021

Some may not admit it, but I’d wager that every golfer has looked at a set of muscleback blades, drooled and wanted to put them in their bag. When you see Adam Scott or Tiger puring their irons with ease, shaping the ball with ease, you want some of that action.

Then REALITY bites - or stings and anyone who has thinned a blade will tell you. Traditionally, muscleback irons have not been the easiest clubs to hit and were therefore reserved for the best ball strikers.

But things have changed. Forged clubs with thin top lines and minimal offset are now found in the bags of mid and high handicappers thanks to revolutions in club technology. So let's look at the most forgiving muscleback irons on the market today and see if they tickle your fancy.

Most Forgiving Muscleback Irons

  1. Ping i500 Iron (best for slower swing speeds)
  2. Srixon Z-Forged Iron (best value to performance ratio)
  3. Callaway Apex 21 (best for accuracy)
  4. Cobra King MIM Tour Copper (most head turning iron)
  5. Mizuno MP20 MB (best for feel)

Impossible to hit a bad shot with these irons

Ping have always made forgiving game improvement irons, but their blades are usually reserved for only the best ball strikers. The i500 range changed that, giving all players the chance to get success from a bladed Ping club.

These hollow bodied irons are very forgiving and the face is super hot. The 17-4 stainless steel body has a Forged Maraging C330 steel face that is plasma welded on to it in order to maximise ball speeds. The lofts of these clubs are 1.5-2 stronger than traditional lofts meaning they create less spin and hopefully more distance. This will help golfers with slower swings get the most out of their shots.

  • Hollow body for maximum ball speed
  • Ideal for slower swing speeds
  • Amazing levels of forgiveness for such a compact head 
  • Stunning looks

Nothing feels like a Srixon 

Srixon z-forged iron

*DISCLAIMER* I play these clubs. I love these clubs. They have given me a level of joy I didn’t think was possible from a set of clubs.

Now that is out of the way, let’s talk specifics. These irons look great and feel like butter melting on a hot griddle - if you know you know. In my opinion nothing feels like a Srixon. These are one of the most forgiving muscleback irons I’ve played.

The Z-Forged irons have a signature 'double curve' design which helps these clubs provide maximum workability. The forged construction delivers a fantastic soft feel and the V sole promotes optimised turf interaction and stability. 

  • Supersoft feel
  • Maximum workability 
  • Perfect for steeper strikers

An approachable blade from Callaway  

The Apex is Callaway’s premium player’s club and this 2021 version includes a few updates from the 2019 version. These timeless irons feature improved tungsten weighting and damping in the cavity to produce maximum forgiveness. They are also guaranteed to turn heads on the tee.

  • Classic looks
  • Subtle cavity doesn’t distract the eye 
  • Lovely sound off the face

Eye catching color from a growing OEM  

Cobra have become a household name thanks to exploits of Bryson Dechambeau. They haven’t always been known for producing muscleback irons but the Cobra King MIM Tour irons are now found in the bags of many better players. This eye-catching copper version looks the part and the MIM construction gives a forged feel with the precision and stability of a cast construction.

  • Head turning copper finish
  • MIM construction provides a super soft feel 
  • Good pricing

As always with Mizuno, if you know, you know.   

Mizuno clubs have to be included in any muscleback list. They are seen as the players iron and many will remain in golfer’s bag for decades. The Mizuno MP20 MB has a thin layer of copper in the face to enhance feel. Where these clubs offer forgiveness is in their stability. They are very accurate and even mishits won’t go wildly off line. You will sacrifice some distance but you will be rewarded with supreme feel and feedback.

  • Mizuno premium craftsmanship
  • Supreme stability and consistency 
  • Timeless looks

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