The Best Golf Glove for Hot Humid Weather

Best Golf Glove for Hot Humid Weather

After endless hot rounds in the tropical South East Asian sun, I've finally found the best golf gloves for hot weather. Not only the best gloves, but also the best techniques to make them last all year long.

And if you keep reading, you'll find out just how I save myself shots on the golf course but also tons of money by playing the right gloves and looking after them the right way.

Playing a lot of golf in the tropics in Asia, I've come to appreciate how a good glove can save a ton of strokes throughout a sweltering round. Luckily you can learn from my trial and error in finding the best golf gloves for hot humid weather. I hope it helps...

 The total solution to your sweaty hands

  • TOP TIP: Have two or three gloves in your bag. Constantly rotate using each one throughout the round to make them last for a very long time
  • Don't wear the gloves between shots to make them last even longer!
  • Use gloves designed for wet weather, because sweat is...wet.

This works for me and I guarantee it'll work for you. The best and weirdest thing I've tried and works wonders is using a golf glove for wet weather! Think about it though, a glove designed for the wet while your hands are getting wet from sweat makes sense.

Here are the gloves I've used and found to be the best and longest lasting in the oppressive heat of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Best Gloves for Hot Humid Weather

  1. Footjoy Weathersof (the most popular glove in the world)
  2. Footjoy RainGrip (gets better the wetter it gets)
  3. Grip Boost Second Skin (best budget glove with cabretta leather)
  4. Hirzl Trust Control (longest lasting glove on the market)
  5. Bionic AquaGrip (most ergonomic glove)
  6. Bionic Stablegrip (best comfortable fit)
  7. Under Armour Iso Chill (cabretta leather with spandex where you need)

#1 FootJoy glove still going after 25 years

FootJoy tell us 20% of golfers use the strangely misspelled WeatherSof golf glove. It's made with leather patches on the thumb and the meaty part of your palm while the rest of the glove is a highly durable synthetic material.

These are the number one choice just because they're so durable. I'll usually put 3 of these in the bag, and they last a full season playing once a week. They show only mild signs of wear after a few rounds and if you rotate them throughout the round, last a crazy long time. 

Rain or shine: The glove works for both liquids, rainwater and sweat. It absorbs liquids better than the majority of gloves on the market and in Thailand's heat and rain, these are my first choice.

  • Superior grip in rain and sweltering heat
  • Excellent value for money pricing
  • Very flexible with PowerNet mesh on knuckles
  • Stays comfortable without that crusty stiff feeling
  • Playing more than once a week they can be less durable
  • Only available in white

Works better when it's wetter

Yeah, rain golf gloves are great for hot humid weather with all that sweat dripping out of every pore. The technologies used in rain gloves transfer nicely into hot weather play too.

The RainGrip uses Autosuede on the palm and index fingers for supreme grip while on the back of the glove FootJoy have put a QuikDry synthetic material for huge breathability. Fibers on the Autosuede get initiated to stand up when the glove gets wet, actually improving grip on the club.

In the tropics, I use these gloves when it's rainy season. It's convenient to have gloves that work well when it's super hot with rain coming on the same day.

  • Grip gets better when glove gets wet
  • Light and easy to get on and off when it's sticky
  • Best for very hot humid conditions
  • Stays comfortable without that crusty stiff feeling
  • Includes right and left hand glove for when it's very wet and sticky
  • Don't use the tee holder on the glove - useless
  • Tears easily if used too often

Comfort on a budget

Cabretta leather palm and thumb paired with a super breathable back of the hand make this an extremely comfortable glove. It genuinely feels like a second skin. These are great gloves if you hate wearing gloves because they make your hands hot and swollen.

I don't get to use them often and only when my American friends bring some back for me. Even though they feel like they're not even there, I do take gloves off for putting. Anyone who plays in hot humid weather knows what a pain it is to take a glove off and I often end up using my teeth to pull them off. Not with these. The Grip Boost Second Skins come off very easily.

Another big draw for these gloves is I've never got a blister from using them out of the box. I usually get blisters from Srixon gloves and other all-weather gloves on the padding of my thumb but not with the Grip Boost.

  • True second-skin feeling - very comfortable
  • Very slick clean lines in white color
  • Great for average size hands
  • No usual new-glove blisters
  • Velcro sometimes attaches to backing mesh - quite annoying
  • Mesh can be prone to tearing

Grippiest in wet weather and durable as hell

Hirzl are famous for cycling gloves but are creating amazing golf gloves and now sponsor the Ladies European golf Tour. And they're amazing quality. The palm is made of KANGAROO leather - yes that Australian animal - which is more durable and flexible than Cabretta leather, which is used on the back of the glove.

What I find with these gloves is they get some oils and warmth from your hand and get VERY flexible and comfortable. The kangaroo leather is tanned a certain way to make these gloves the grippiest on the market for wet or dry conditions. It's something you have to try to believe - they're like Velcro to the golf club grip.

They're super thin and yet so durable. I still own the same one I got 2 years ago and it's always in my bag for those really sweaty days. And get this, I just chuck it into the washing machine to freshen it up.

If you're a greenie who prefers killing lambs for their Cabretta and think killing a kangaroo is somehow worse, then you probably need counselling anyway.

  • EXTREMELY grippy whether dry or wet
  • You can leave this one on between shots - 100% sweat-free palm
  • Last for a very very very long time - years
  • Kangaroo leather - As thin as, but more flexible and durable than Cabretta
  • Swiss quality product
  • Black palm takes time to get used to
  • Expensive but won't need replacing for a long time

Super durability and dryness for excellent grip

In the wet, or sweat, the Bionic AquaGrip golf glove's suede microfibers get stickier as they get wetter. This makes it one of my favorite gloves for golf in hot humid weather. You can use this glove whether it's rainy season or dry and sweaty season without any need to replace it. It lasts for a really long time.

Bionic have made a golf glove with Lycra-material areas that flex and move with your hand for more comfort and flexibility. They've pre-rotated the fingers so when you close your hand, the material is already in place instead of that constant friction.

More padding to vulnerable areas make the glove last much longer. What's more impressive is the way the padding system evens out your hand for a lighter but more stable grip. I noticed that when I played with these gloves, I felt more stable with my driver which I hit all over the show normally. Simply a superb glove

  • Get better as they get wetter - tackier and grippier
  • Shows improvement in golfer with arthritis
  • Very durable - expect them to last a year
  • Padding system actually makes your grip lighter and more stable
  • A little pricey
  • Black gloves aren't for everyone
  • Loses a bit of flexibility when wet

Long lasting and built for comfort

The Bionic Stablegrip is made of genuine leather and has an extra pad on the palm where golf gloves generally wear out, fo an added boost of endurance and longevity. That's going to probably double the lifespan of your glove.

The glove is designed in a way that evens out your grip so you don't have to squeeze as hard to keep the club in your hands. All the places your hands may be tempted to be off the club, whereby you squeeze harder, are filled up by additional fabric in the glove.

One of the main ideas is the fit. It's meant to fit like a second skin and less like a garden glove. It's a truly unique design where the fingers have been prerotated. Most standard gloves go straight on and then twist when you grip the club, right? Not this one. 

Lycra is built into the glove to really help keep moisture at bay on those very hot humid days. You're getting a leather gloves but broken up with lycra to keep you cool, calm and collected. You can just wash these gloves on a gentle cycle in the washing machine and use them for ages. 

  • Extra padding on the palm for longer life
  • Pre rotated fingers for less twisting of the glove when gripping the club
  • Lycra built into the glove for cooling and moisture wicking
  • Padding system fills in the gaps of your grip so you don't need to squeeze the handle so hard
  • A little pricey


Once you play enough golf, you'll play through hundreds of gloves. The gloves I outlined in the guide above are simply the best I've used after playing tons of golf in South East Asia where the heat is often debilitating and by the 15th hole, you've sweated out 3 kidneys.

Try a few, try one, up to you, but get yourself 2 or even better 3 gloves to alternate between shots to make them last you entire seasons.

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Adiosri says

I came across the HJ gloves by accident in Indonesia. They are absolutely superb in hot and humid weather. The back is a crochet type web, and the fingers are open which gives me exceptional feel on the club. I’m curious if you considered them

Golfer says

Have you tried the FJ Tropicool? I bought that when I was visiting Vietnam a few years ago and it’s lasted me to this day. I just put it in the washing machine every few weeks and let it air dry. Still going strong!

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