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Best Golf Bags for Push Carts 2021

Do you want a golf bag for a push cart with loads of storage? 
Is your current bag not suited to your cart?

Whatever your goal is, you're in the right place. I've taken the troubles and the corner-cutting I did in my younger days to bring you, from experience, the best golf bags for push carts currently on the market. 

Naturally, my push cart purchase has always been easy since I love and can depend on Clicgear, but I learnt these two lessons about cart bags after investing in my first push cart:

LESSON ONE: Old stand bags sucked for push carts. They would twist and slide out of place.

LESSON TWO: Bags made for golf buggies and bags made for push carts are very different. Yes, there are TWO types of "cart bag" and getting the wrong one adds more hassle than heaven.


You'll see plenty of sites advertising HARD on this bag for push carts. That's dishonest and it's clear these sites are not run by real golfers, that I promise you. This bag is designed for riding carts, and is a pain in the butt for push cart users.

Do you see the top of the C130 in the above picture? That angle is going to kill your enjoyment of your cart bag. This bag is made specifically for riding golf buggies. That green top is angled and taller than the rest of the bag and goes right where your push carts console is. It's angled so heavily to make it easier to access your clubs on a golf buggy that you drive..

The only push cart that the C130 will suit is maybe the Sun Mountain Pathfinder, but ALMOST NOTHING ELSE - it will just get in the way of where you store your pencil, scorecard etc. I promise, it looks good, but not for our needs.

Why frustrate ourselves when the point is to get something fun and convenient?  

Difference between BUGGY CART golf bags and PUSH CART golf bags

1. The top part of the riding bags extends upward in a wedge shape and can get in the way of opening and closing your push cart console. You put the woods in the back, putter and wedges closest to you for easy access.

2. The top part of the push cart bag is generally laid out pretty flat so you can adapt what clubs you prefer to put where. This is a minor thing but if you have a Clicgear push cart or one with a console that you can store your stuff in, the more semi circular or flat shape of a push cart bag will help you.

Modern stand bags can also work nowadays

New modern era cart bags can be used for push carts if you prefer to have an option to carry every now and then. I have never carried a bag, always pulling or pushing a cart, but there are now modern day stand bags that will have flat bases so you can use it on a push cart.

Best Push Cart Golf Bag Alternatives

1. Datrek DG Lite II cart bag (good for both buggy and push cart)
2. Titleist Cart 15 (Executive good looks in a cart bag)
3. Sun Mountain Sync golf bag (Sun Mountains best)
4. Founders Club Premium Cart Bag (most organized push cart bag)
5. Callaway ORG 14+ cart bag (easy top arrangement)
6. Taylormade Cart Lite Bag (simple no frills push cart golf bag)

The most important part of a push cart bag is the availability of handles to get the bag onto the cart. The Datrek DG lite II cart bag has perfectly located two handles on the top of the bag which also protect clubs from dings.

The top of the bag is angled making it great for riding carts but in a way that works well on push carts. You can arrange your clubs any way you choose with a 15 way divider, each club has it's own place to avoid club crowding. All the pockets face the way you need them whether on your push cart or buggy.

Tons of storage space 

There are 7 pockets. The well-lined valuables pocket means you can throw your phone in there without worries about scratches and with the waterproof zip, no chance of water getting into your keys and wallet. 

  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Top handles for easy loading and unloading
  • Putter well accommodates thick putter grips 
  • Very lightweight 4.25 lbs
  • Vented cooler pocket
  • Sun Mountain have 50% more pockets


Sun Mountain are one of the hottest golf bag manufacturers and the Sync is one of the hottest push cart bags around. You won't hear too much about these guys besides in the golf bag niche because they're purely specialists in creating bags designed to please golfers. 

American Made quality

You can store practically everything you need in the made in America Sync and you'd be able to survive the Apocalypse while out on the golf course with this big boy.

Eight pockets mean you can store enough balls for days, valuables in a soft material pocket, rain gear,  gloves, beer cans in the insulator and if need be, a rifle would fit in the one side. Anyway, you get the idea, this thing holds everything.

15 storage slots mean you have a space for every club plus your ball retriever or to be more professional, your umbrella. So no more flailing umbrella hooking on everything you walk past.

So easy to maneuver 

The handles on the side of the bag and on the top make it quick and easy to load and unload the bag with nice balance so you're not doing an arm workout every time you take it in and out of the car. 

They've also included a slot for you to slip the riding cart straps through so the strap doesn't interfere with accessing the pockets. That's a nice touch so you can feel comfortable ditching the push cart and riding along with your buddies without an issue. 

  • Design specifically to fit flawlessly on Sun Mountain Speed Cart and Micro-Carts
  • Can use on any push cart
  • Dedicated rangefinder pocket
  • Won't fly off the back of a riding cart
  • All pockets face forward when on a cart
  • American made quality
  • Could have added some smaller pockets for smaller items
  • Won't match any of your club brands

Titleist is making some gear that just looks and feels and plays so differently to their old stuff. This bag is stunning in looks and functionality. With multiple colors, you can also customize a removable ball pocket to embroider your own ideas onto it.

There are 11 zippered pockets and 15 full length dividers for your clubs, and the modern addition of a putter well which can take the fat putter grips. The handles on top are soft to the touch and in a great position to help heft the bag on and off your cart. What I like about the top of the bags with these handles, is during travel, the help to tuck in your wedges and putter to avoid side-force damage.

It's a single strapped cart bag so don't expect to be carrying it much besides between the car and the house. Of course, this is a given. The bag is a medium weight at 6.5 lbs.  

  • Excellent separation of clubs 
  • Lots of pockets with strong high-quality zippers
  • Relatively light weight for the size and volume of storage available
  • Cooler pocket
  • Missing a magnetic pocket which is becoming the norm in most cart bags
  • No drain in the cooler pocket
  • No separate putter well

This bag is the organizers dream. There are special slots for every single club in the bag. They clubs can rest on the tops whether right or left handed. Both dexterities can use this bag but please be careful. If you have had your irons fitted and they are longer than standard by more than an inch, your clubs won't fit the top-rests.

There are plenty of pockets on this model all facing outward so you can access them at all time. Putter wells on this model accommodate the fat putter grips. 

A lot of thought has gone into this bag and at this price, it's a bargain. There's no jamming clubs frustratedly into the bag with grips catching on each other and when you walk, the clubs are not clanging together, denting each other as you traverse the rolling hills.

  • 14 special slots for each club - zero club chatter - slots allow left OR right handed both to fit 
  • Plenty of accessories for convenience on-course
  • Multiple hands and sturdy base - great for a push cart
  • 11 pockets for ample storage
  • 12 month warranty
  • Check if your clubs are more than 1 inch longer than standard - might not fit the holders
  • When riding a buggy, the strap will cover some pockets - this is best for PUSH CARTS

The Callaway Org 14+ has a top that allows for the clubs to sit so it's easy to access them on your push cart. At a weight of 6 lbs, the bag is not heavy and in that 6 lbs of golf bag, you get 14 dividers on top as with all new cart bags with all the pockets facing outward and a side putter well.

The best part and the reason this bag is on this list is because it is GREAT on a push cart. As people are forced by clubs to use buggies instead of walking and as people just stop walking the course, it's more common to find buggy cart bags. This bag is one of the best golf bags for push carts currently on the market just due to the design and that's all that needs to be said. 

There are also tons of colors to choose from. 

  • Very well designed for push cart usage all round
  • Plenty of colors to choose from
  • Loads of storage
  • Very well weighted - not a heavy bag
  • Cooler pocket
  • Can be unstable in a standing position due to reduced weight

The Taylormade bag is a great shape on the top of the bag for a push cart and matches the Callaway bags in terms of design. It has all the same features as most modern cart bags and the stitching, fabric and construction is solid.

 The 14 club dividers keep your clubs from bunching up and the top of the bag allows for easy access and organization of your clubs however you like. 

  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Can be carried comfortably as well we used on a push cart
  • 14 dividers on the top of the bag for each club
  • Lightweight 5.5 lbs
  • Stable base which can be used on a pushcart without falling or twisting
  • Dividers are not full length


I've mentioned only the best of the best. I did not mention the Sun Mountain C130 because i believe this is a bag made primarily for the golf buggy (riding cart) and not the push cart, The top of that bag is angled in a way that it will interfere with a console if you have one on your push cart. 

The above-mentioned bags are the best on the market of the ever dwindling push cart bags. Let's hope walking the course with a push cart doesn't go completely out the window in the future but it looks like the golf buggy revolution is coming as more and more people are either rushing around or too unfit or lazy to walk the 7000 yards needed to play a round of golf.

Invest in a push cart and get your lazy bones walking and get fitter. That golf buggy is not doing you any favors. I recommend the Clicgear and the Caddytek.

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frank korody says

hi I appreciated this article. I am frustrated after spending a lot for C130 for my Clic Gear cart and finding it heavy and cumbersome. my only concern with the Ping and Sync bags are the bottom still is flat and can twist sideways …only the clicker bag locks in but I don’t like that bag so now thinking about sun mountain cart Argh? any thoughts about the flat base

Ricky H says

Very helpful article, I was already going to pick one of the bags on your this, the article confirmed my choice for me. It’s good to know how my pull cart bag will work on the riding cart when I chose to take that route. I will be placing the order as a father’s day gift to me!

Ashraf says

Hi i am using a motocaddy s3 pro electric golf push cart which golfbag would fit better the motocaddy club series or ping traverse bag

Tom OBrien says

Can you tell me why you picked Ping Traverse over Pioneer? I am leaning towards the later but if it has issues I will save my money.


Mike says

This was a helpful article, thank you! I have an older Sun Mountain micro cart (the 4wheeler) and my Ping Hoofer stand bag kept flopping around because of the leg assembly. After reading this article, i picked up a Sun Mountain CX1 Cart Bag at RockbottomGolf for $150. I walked 18 today with it and it is such a much better set up with no flopping. A plug for the CX1 bag is it stands on it’s own in the garage and has a single strap and handle for moving around.

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