Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers 2019

Are you looking to hit it longer for shorter approaches into the greens?
Are you trying to break 80 for the first time?
Are you missing too many fairways?
Do you have no confidence where the ball will go off the tee?

I've been there. The anguish is real.

But modern technology is here to help. Having unshakable confidence standing on every tee box is easily the best feeling in golf. You just know where it's going and the shape it's taking to get there.

I've found the best golf drivers for mid handicappers right here to get you that same nonchalant feeling. You're going to be hitting it longer and straighter with the right club suited for your swing speed. As the proud owner of a Callaway Big Bertha Epic, I can say it really is epic for anyone.

Shaft flex and loft are essential to getting that extra oomph

How to pick the right shaft for you 

It's important to choose the correct shaft flex for your driver. To do this, you need to know your swing speed and as mid handicappers, we have a wide range of swing speeds. I've personally seen Tour level swing speeds on 15 handicappers! But I've played more rounds with golfers young AND old who play off a mid handicap with slow and average swing speeds. 

Here's a quick reference to picking a shaft:

70-80 mph : Senior Flex (A)
80-90 mph : Regular Flex (R)
90-100 mph: Stiff Flex (S)
100+ mph: Extra Stiff Flex (X)

Amount of carry depends on the loft too

Loft is the 2nd most important aspect. Less loft is less forgiving. So your slices and hooks will be worse with a lower lofted (8 to 10 degree) driver while more loft (10.5 to 14 degrees) means your slices and hooks will diminish and the ball will fly higher and straighter.

•  Fast swing (100 mph +) and hit it straight, best driver is 9 to 11 degrees loft for extra forgiveness.
Average swing speed (80-95 mph) it's best to get 11 to 13 degrees of loft for more carry.
•  Slower swing speed
, it's best to get a driver with 13 or 14 degrees of loft.

New technology makes you your own club fitter

Paired with the right golf ball, modern drivers can add significant yardage to your long game. Some guys even notice 20 yard gains. Below are the best drivers mid handicappers. Even more than that, new drivers have adjustable lofts and weights where you can change the ball flight of your shots with the turn of a wrench.

Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

  1. Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic (most forgiving distance driver for any golfer)
  2. Wilson D300  (best value driver pound-for-pound)
  3. Callaway XR 16 (best point-and-shoot driver)
  4. Taylormade M3  (best for golfers who love to adjust settings)
  5. Cobra King F7 (best driver for tracking your stats)

Extremely forgiving and great into the wind

Kick your wife out of bed, you've got a new baby.

Callaway smoke the competition with the new Big Bertha Epic driver. The Jailbreak technology inside the face of the club is giving golfers more distance and straighter shots.

They've put some jail bars behind the face to reinforce the crown so all the flexing that happens at impact is on the face. That means more ball speed, and more distance.

But along with the distance comes a massive sweet spot that produces straight ball flight without too much shape. There's also a slideable weight on the perimeter of the sole and the hosel allows you to add up to 2° more loft for more carry. Not only the best driver for mid handicappers but for anyone! 

Harvey's Epic

My friend Harvey's Epic experience

I never believe hype about golf clubs but after hitting the Epic, I had to have one. 

I took it out onto the course for the first round and it was windy! I teed off with the Epic into the wind on the 4th hole. By into the wind, I mean dead into a 2 club wind. Now I know where I normally put a driver into the wind on this hole but when I got to my usual spot, I didn't see the ball.

The thing was 20 yards further than normal. I thought it was just an anomaly and the 5th hole is directly into the wind again. The same thing happened.

I found the Epic has a strange ball flight. It comes out quite low but it carries for miles. Watching from the tee, I was really expecting shorter shots but now I understand how the pros hit that low ball that just keep travelling. The Epic does the same thing! 

Treat Yourself

I strongly suggest a the Callaway Epic driver. I couldn't be happier with it and let anybody I'm playing with hit it. The Rogue is not as good as this piece of tech.

A few of my Callaway Epic playing friends

  • check-circle
    Easy slideable weight to change shot-shape
  • check-circle
    Excellent distance and forgiveness into the wind without ballooning
  • check-circle
    Lightweight shaft options for extra oomph off the tee
  • check-circle
    Jailbreak technology gives golfers massive distance gains with penetrating ball flight
  • times-circle
    Not very workable - prefers going straight
  • times-circle
    Ultralight so best for smooth tempo swingers

I got in on the Epic action!

So much adjustability (and forgiveness) in one club

The Taylormade M3 is another of the adjustable drivers available but you've never seen so much adjustability in your life. What that means for you is you can build any driver you can imagine. It's a great replacement for the prior iterations of the Taylormade M1 drivers of recent years. 

The fancy tech in this driver is called Twist Face and when you look at the larger models of the face in the adverts, it looks like it curves and twists a lot but in reality it's hardly noticeable when looking at the face. At address, it looks like any other driver but something that pleases my eye is that the crown isn't blindingly white anymore and a more muted gray color.

While it's barely noticeable at address and when looking at the club, the technology works and off center hits go straighter than normal on shots hit low in the heel and high in the toe - less duck hooks and poopoo slices.

Great for golfers who want to be their own club fitter

You can adjust the club in the following ways: 

•  Adjust the loft plus or minus 2 degrees
•  Adjust two weights for high or low shots, left or right shape on the newly design Y shape track instead of the previous two tracks in the older drivers.

These things can be confusing so it's best to take this down to the local range or pro to help set it up perfectly for you. Once it's dialed in though, this driver is a ripper. It inspires huge confidence and you know exactly where the ball is going - fairway all day long!

  • check-circle
    Twist Face actually reduces undesirable shot shape on miscues
  • check-circle
    Incredibly adjustable to create any shot shape you want
  • check-circle
    Very forgiving and easy to hit straight especially when weights placed in the correct places
  • check-circle
    Gray replaces the white on the crown
  • check-circle
    Special slot behind the face to increase ball speeds for more distance - this is a distance monster.
  • times-circle
    Do you want to tinker a lot with your driver?
  • times-circle
    Might need a pro to help set it up
  • times-circle
    Sound is a bit loud and harsh

Best value driver - pound for pound - for slower swings

The Wilson D300 has a very tall dominating face and setting up to the ball, it looks like a Cleveland of old. Classic shape and tall face with a massive sweet spot. Definitely in the sleeper category, not many guys will know about this driver and at this price, it's a best kept secret. 

The club is light and by light, I mean REALLY light. That might not appeal to everyone but it can definitely help pick up an extra couple mph in your swing. If you're hovering around 85 mph, this little beauty can bring you up to 90 mph and give you a few yards more off the tee.

Adjustability and forgiveness that costs not much at all

A 10.5° Wilson D300 means you can adjust the loft to 11.5° and the 13° can adjust from 12° to 14° giving you plenty of opportunity to find the ideal ball flight for you. You can close the face by turning the hosel, encouraging a draw instead of a slice too. A great value driver overall. I really recommend the 13 degree option to give you the upper end of the loft for more carry distance.

  • check-circle
    Adjustable hosel for more loft and draw settings
  • check-circle
    Very lightweight for increasing swing speed
  • check-circle
    Well priced - dollar to extra yards ratio is low
  • check-circle
    Forgiving on mishits - producing acceptable results
  • times-circle
    Funny looking spikes on the crown can be off-putting

Simple point and shoot driver for everyone

This club is awful. But only if you don't own it. Everyone I play with who owns the Callaway XR16 loves it. I've tried it, and it's amazing.

Watching other guys just beat out long bombs with this matte-black finished clubhead co-designed with Boeing just makes you seethe inside. 

What Callaway did with Boeing was design a more aerodynamic club head to increase swing speed. They've also made the XR16 club face much thinner than previous models which gives a lot more rebound like a trampoline when you hit the ball. 

What all of this means is the sweet spot is massive and the ball picks up more speed off the face thanks to the gain in club head speed you'll gain and the thin face making the ball come off really hot. 

Get this driver if you don't want to make friends 

What is stunning is not only the ability to hit the ball further and generate more speed, but the club is so forgiving. You'll notice the shape is a little draw-biased so it can help eliminate the pesky slice. If you hit a large draw already, you may want to consider another club. 

But you'll see the ball flying straighter and when you do mishit a shot, the misses are so small, your partners will still congratulate you on a good tee shot. They're going to hate watching you knock it by them.

I also like the large footprint at set up. The club head really dominates the ball and it feels like you just cannot miss with this thing. 

  • check-circle
    Can promote a draw 
  • check-circle
    Looks BIG at address and inspires confidence you're gonna crush it
  • check-circle
    The best driver available
  • check-circle
    Extremely forgiving - missing fairways is very difficult to do
  • times-circle
    Promotes a draw - not great if you're trying to get rid of one
  • times-circle
    Ugly graphics on the face and the headcover is not pretty

Cobra King F7

Track your shots with Cobra Connect

If you're a bit of a stats and numbers nerd like me, you're going to love this club.

Cobra paired up with Arccos to put a sensor in the grip of the Cobra King F7 so you can keep track of your drives. The sensor automatically records the shots and stops recording the distance when you hit your second shot. 

You can review the stats post-round on your phone and even use the phone as a GPS for distances.

But even better than that is how simple it is to adjust this driver to your specifications. Once you do get the weights in the right place and the loft to your preferred setting, this club is straight up automatic. Boom boom down the fairways.

Excellent piece of technology

Mishits fly almost as far as center strikes so your buddies won't know the difference! For all the technology packed into the shaft, the clubhead and the tracking device, the F7 is very very well priced and is a no brainer as one of the best golf drivers for mid handicappers.

  • check-circle
    Driver stat tracking with Cobra Connect and Arccos
  • check-circle
    Includes GPS to measure distances
  • check-circle
    Easily adjustable to customize your ball flight
  • check-circle
    Once set up, a point and shoot fairway finder
  • check-circle
    Flashy colors
  • times-circle
    Tinkerers won't like the lack of sliding weights
  • times-circle
    Not the longest driver if not dialed in

As played by Rickie Fowler


With so many drivers out there to choose from that are designed to help the average golfer, I hope this cleared up some of the options.

A clear winner for me is the Epic followed by the XR16 as just the simplest most forgiving drivers out there to help slash your scores and get you hitting shorter irons into the greens.

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