Welcome to the Beginners Lair

Have you already played some golf? Are you a newbie? Either way, I hope I, as your Golf Sidekick, can help you get better and have more fun.

The guides below will give you most of what you need to get started playing golf from the rules to equipment to how to think like a golfer.

Enjoy and remember, I am just an email away! 



The Basics of Golf
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All the slang and technical lingo used on the golf course

As a new player, there are just a few essential rules to know

How to behave on the course to be invited back again!

Simple, easy to follow dress code for men

Golf Gear & Equipment

The very basics of what you need to enjoy your new hobby.

The best gear and equipment to get you on the course booming it like Tiger.

Improving at Golf

Lots of golfers just bash balls without thinking. Don't be like that - here's a guide to maximize your time on the range.

My foolproof way of getting out of bunkers in one shot. It takes some practice, but you'll get it soon enough.

I am 100% certain you'll be making more putts and making less 3 putts after reading this.