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What's the fuss about Volvik?

I admit, I'd never heard much about Volvik until Bubba started playing that pink ball. So I bet when you think of Volvik, you think "oh it's those funky color golf balls'. But I did some investigating and what I found was quite interesting. 

They've been around since 2010 and in the USA since 2012 and there are a lot of different models. In total, I've seen played 16 and will review the 10 best here.

And in September of 2021, I decided that the Volvik S3 and S4 are both my golf ball of choice if I am to play only one golf ball full time. 

volvik golf balls reviews

On the first tee with my Vivid - it was very easy to spot my ball from hundreds of yards away....in the bunker

Volvik golf balls on the market

I played 16 different types of Volvik and I'm going to run through a quick review of a few of the balls in terms of feel, performance and distance.

  1. Volvik Vivid (best for high visibility)
  2. Volvik Vivid XT (best for high swing speed)
  3. Volvik XT Soft (best urethane ball for under 95 mph swings)
  4. Volvik S4 (best for tour performance)
  5. Volvik S3 (best tour ball with many colors)
  6. Volvik Crystal (best for plain distance hard as rocks)
  7. Volvik VIBE (best urethane for mid swing speed)
  8. Volvik T2 (best high visibility ball for high handicappers)
  9. Volvik ViMax (the same as Power Soft)
  10. Volvik Power Soft (best for mid to high handicapper with 75-95 mph swing)

Where are Volvik golf balls made?

The head office is located in Gangnam in Seoul - one of the most upmarket areas in the capital of South Korea. Now that's South Korea, not the one with the crazy Pillsbury dough boy as it's supreme leader.

The factory is located in South Korea in some place I can't pronounce. Very far from the border it seems, so it should be safe from King Jong Un using the balls to infiltrate the United States.

Volvik comes from South Korea - right next door to the best golfer the world has ever seen

Are Volvik golf balls illegal?

I hear this phrase every time I bomb one down the middle. According to federal law, Volviks are not illegal and you won't be put behind bars for owning them or even selling them. It should be illegal to have them though, because they're as addictive to hit as taking a hit of other illegal things.

In terms of the USGA rules though, all Volvik's balls do confirm to the required standards for tournament play. Only the Volvik Magma doesn't meet the regulations on golf balls and can't be used in tournament play. Like all things in golf, during social rounds, if your friends don't mind, anything's worth a try.

Other Volvik balls I played but didn't include 

Volvik Magma doesn't conform with the USGA rules so isn't advised for tournament play.

The Volvik Luxury is for women and we are men. Men don't play with women's balls. 

Both balls are aimed at lower swing speeds so an older playing partner (74 years old), Kurt hit them but didn't notice much difference between the balls he normally plays and the two Volviks. Probably because he lost them in the river off the first shot, which is what he does with his usual ball.

The Eyes-on 3 piece and the Blue 90 are older balls and feel like rocks. I wouldn't recommend them.

Best Volvik Golf Ball Review for your game

I've played mainly the Vivids, XT Soft, Vivid XT S3, S4, VIBE, Crystal Distance for the last few months. I guess the Vivids piqued my interest in Volvik after the corporate golf day I played in where they gave me bright orange Vivids.

So I immersed myself in Volvik magic. Below are some of my findings.

Really long and the easiest golf ball to see - fun for anyone

It's not easy to lose these balls!

Volvik Vivids are long. I even noticed a couple yards increase in distance on my irons. On drives, they're very long with minimal movement. If I try hit a big Bubba slice, the Vivids just don't want to co-operate, preferring to go straight.

They're by far the easiest to see while tracking in-flight and what you'll notice is they seem to stay in the air just a second longer than other balls. I often overshoot my usual distances especially into the wind with a penetrating ball flight that rarely balloons.

You won't be ripping the ball back on approach shots with a Vivid but I found on pitching wedge shots from 135 yards, the ball consistently ends about 2-3 feet from the pitch mark. If, like me, you chip with a lot of bump and runs, the Vivid is a consistent performer and the ball I chip in with the most often. The matte-finish seems to take a bit more grip on the green than other surlyn covered balls.

The matte finish of the ball makes it feel a lot softer than it is. The ever-reliable "bite test" tells me the cover is softer than a truly hard Rock Flite golf ball but not soft enough to be a Tour level ball. It feels like a Srixon Z Star or Titleist NXT Tour. Off the putter, the ball actually feels quite soft.

Fun Factor

Overall the Volvik Vivid is a seriously fun golf ball to play with. I love the green as well as the dark & light orange design. The little arrow on the side of the ball makes it simple to line up to the target off the tee and on the greens. For a mid-range golf ball, this is great value especially for guys swinging it below 90 mph.

  • Easy to see - always know which ball is yours
  • Attention-grabbing and conversation piece
  • Very long off the tee and with irons
  • Very little shape - wants to go straight
  • Penetrates through the wind
  • Arrow printed on the side makes it easy to line up
  • Difficult to find other balls this color and pretend you found yours in the rough
  • Scuffs easily but difficult to see scuffs

Less vivid colors but only for faster swingers!

Volvik Vivids are really bright but the XT is far more subdued and in a way quite refreshing to your eyes after playing the flashy original Vivids. Even better is this is a 4 piece ball.

I tried the Vivid XT's out for a round at Dynasty Golf Course in Bangkok and instantly I noticed they make a much more muted sound off the club face than the Vivids. It was strange because the compression is so high at 100. The ball flight was pretty similar to the Vivids, but the biggest difference came on shots inside 150 yards. 

The Vivid XT sat down within 3 feet on very hard greens which were not friendly in accepting my Callaway Supersofts the week before. 

Nicer to putt with than the Vivids

Even more of a surprise was how much more bouncy off the putter face the XT's are. With the normal Vivids, it's harshly apparent when you mis-strike a putt, the XT bounces off the face more like a premium ball giving you a softer feeling feedback. 

Volvik Vivid XT review

Excellent alignment aid on the side of the balls (at Dynasty Golf Course)

The best ever arrows printed on a golf ball

If you look in my picture above, you'll see the yellow Vivid XT has a wrap-around arrow that circles the entire ball. This makes it extremely easy to align your ball to your putting line or line off the tee without needing to draw a jagged one on with your shaky hands. 

The ball stopped much quicker than the plain Vivids. On the par threes, I compared the performance and the Vivid XT stopped around 3 feet from the pitch mark with an 8 iron, while the Vivids were closer to 6 feet. Off the putter, I'd say the feel was more like a slightly harder Pro V1.

Overall, because I swing the club at 109 mph, I will replace the Volvik Vivids in my bag with the Volvik Vivid XT from now on. The performance was far superior with my swing speed being much higher than the recommended for normal brightly lit Vivids. 

The ball spun much more out of the bunker than the plain Vivids

  • Suited well to my 109 mph swing
  • Spins much more than the other Vivids
  • Perfect alignment aid on the side of the ball
  • Softer feeling off the putter face than Vivids
  • Slight distance gain on drives over the Vivids
  • Not for the general golfer swinging below 100 mph

Tour level performance for advanced players

I couldn't really tell the difference between the two. They both have extremely soft covers where the S3 feels very similar to a Pro V1 and the S4 feels even softer - almost like you'll rip the cover right off with a single hard lob wedge. Both balls also have a seam running around the middle of the ball like the Pro V1's used to - and I like that.

Performance-wise, these balls are the business. The $40+ price tag is no surprise because the White Color S3 and S4 performed exactly as a Pro V1 with long tee shots, and back spin I don't even get with Pro V1's anymore. On the 135 yard pitching wedge test, the S4 ripped back to usually around a foot behind the pitch mark while the S3 stuck exactly where it landed. 

Tour quality, The S3 and S4 I tried at Royal Gems Golf Course

The S4 was especially easy to check up on 30 and 50 yard pitch shots while off the putter face, the S4 felt very buttery soft while the S3 had the same click as the Pro V1. If you're a bump and run fan like me, you want to be more aggressive with these balls because their softness means they run out much less.

As with all urethane balls, the cover scuffs really easily particularly the S4. The S3 seems a bit more resilient. 

  • Very soft urethane cover for spin
  • Identical performance to Pro V1
  • Easily workable left and right
  • Excellent to one hop and stop pitch shots
  • Buttery soft off the putter face
  • Arrow on the side is easy to line up for putts
  • Covers scuff very easily
  • You need a swing over 95 or 100 mph
  • Similar premium price to others in the category

For slower swingers who've been playing a while

I like this ball because it's just insanely long.

The Crystal is just so long compared to other balls in the Volvik range, that if you're a slower swinger looking for a boost in distance and accuracy it's for you. The ball doesn't shape much and prefers to go straight too - it just feels so similar to a Bridgestone E6.

But make no mistake, this ball is hard. And by hard, I mean yes, it can feel like hitting a rock. On the 135 yard pitching wedge test, the Crystal usually finishes about 8 feet from the pitch mark - I just couldn't stop it quicker. On bump and runs, you want to be a little gentler because the ball runs out a lot more than others.

I gave a sleeve of these to my playing partner, Dietmar who plays off an 8 handicap and plays any golf ball, as long as it's free! Dietmar isn't long off the tee (230 yards) and likes a firm golf ball for more rollout to reach the greens easier. He shot a 78 with the Crystals so it just goes to show that hard balls can also produce good results, depending on your priorities.

A couple points he noted were that the ball felt like a Top Flite Infinity but he noticed more carry with the Crystals and hit more hybrids instead of fairway woods into the greens. Off his Odyssey Rossie putter insert, he liked the firm click of the ball. It took him some time to adjust to the chipping though because these balls run run run.

I've driven more greens with the Crystal than any other ball on this list

I've driven more greens with the Crystal than all the others

  • Very very long with extra roll out
  • Good for slow to moderate swingers
  • Straightest ball of all Volviks
  • Easy to spot from anywhere - very bright
  • Very hard golf ball

Medium compression, urethane Tour ball for everyone

The VIBE has been produced to compete in the low compression market and is often compared with the Chrome Soft. Volvik have put a urethane cover on the low compression VIBE though and this gives it a much softer feeling around the greens with way more bite than any Surlyn covered ball. 

There's something about this ultra low compression trend that is a bit maddening so it's nice to see Volvik responding with a more moderate 65 compression instead of the sub 40 and even zero compression balls you see released lately.

My VIBE ready for take-off at Watermill Golf Course

With that low compression, you get the lower spin off the longer shots which means higher distance numbers. But couple that with the urethane cover, and you're able to stop the ball quicker and get more control in the short game than most other low compression distance-oriented balls.

It's very easy to gauge the roll out of the ball almost immediately and this makes playing bump and runs and pitch shots much simpler. The feel off the putter is marshmallowy and while a turn-off for me, it does feel great off a steel faced putter.

On the 135 yard pitching wedge test, the VIBE stops almost on the the pitch mark and overall gives me similar performance to a Chrome Soft I prefer the VIBE mainly because I love Volvik. 

  • Soft urethane cover combined with low compression for distance and control
  • Good for slow to moderate swingers
  • Good for mid handicappers all the way up to beginners
  • Available in white if you don't want crazy colors
  • Marshmallowy off an Odyssey insert

Urethane brilliant ball for swings below 95 mph

I played this golf ball with Pro Mo at Lam Lukka Golf Club in this video below.

I swing well over 110 mph with the driver and yet this ball still reacted well. It's officially for swings under 95 mph, but just check out the final tee shot in this video. I outdrove Mo (a professional) with my 3 wood and he hit a driver. 

The ball sits down big time, and you can see that on the final hole in this video too where I stopped a iron from 200+ and holed out for eagle. Brilliant golf ball.

  • Sticks where it lands due to urethane cover
  • Officially for swings under 95mph but I loved it and I swing over 110 mph
  • Colors are nice and bright and have less vividness on the eye, very pleasing
  • Awesome alignment lines on the ball for lining up shots
  • When you hit a wedge or a tree or cart path, the color actually comes off the ball and it is white underneath. Weird

Best value Volvik golf ball for high handicappers

This is a value ball for high handicappers who need some high visibility and distance. 

The price is low enough that losing a few is fine without much dread and pain. It's a two piece ball so the cover is made of ionomer and not urethane. That's where the distance comes from and with that, there is less spin on the ball for approaches and chips.

It's a good ball for you if you're looking for distance at slower swing speeds and higher handicaps. If you need performance on the greens like a lower handicapper, this ball is not for you.

Volvik's T2 was designed for straight distance with little spin left and right so it's a great ball for hitting long, and less offline.

  • Very durable ionomer cover
  • Well-priced
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Low spin golf ball designed to go straight and far
  • Incredibly hard golf ball

Distance two-piece for 75 to 95 mph swings

With a compression of 77, the ball is made for the average swing speed with the focus on increasing distance. It's a two-piece so it's a firm ball to help generate some more carry and roll out off the driver face.

If you have an average swing speed and you want some more boom boom, the DS77 is for you. While they do promise extra control and soft feel around the green, to be honest, it's not going to give you some kind of crazy touch around the greens. This a pure, hard distance golf ball with a very durable cover - the feeling would be similar to a Titleist Velocity or a Srixon AD333. 

If you're looking for some extra distance and swing below 95 mph, this is a nice option. My swing is a bit fast to take advantage of the benefits of the ball. The pitching wedge from 135 yards usually resulted in the DS77 finishing about 8 feet from the pitch mark and on bump and runs, the ball runs out very long but very consistently.

This ball ticks all the boxes of a distance golf ball and if that's your priority, don't get too hung up in the marketing and sales talk about this ball feeling soft and unique. It's a nice colorful distance golf ball plain and simple.


Your priority will determine what type of ball you use whether it's for Tour performance for advanced players or just some extra yards off the tee with less errant shots as a higher handicapper. Volvik might be new kids on the block but they've got a range of balls to fit everyone and it you love colored golf balls, there just isn't a better option for high visibility.

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Thank you for your technical information on Volvik Golf Balls. By far the best I’ve seen and with the compression rating, which are important to me.

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