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Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 2021

Whether you like a bit of razzmatazz ringmading and want everyone to look at your balls or you just can't see your balls so well anymore, you're in the right place.

No, this isn't the urologists office!

But I have become a bit of a multi-color golf ball fiend. It wasn't always like that though - I mean we're supposed to be pros here, right?

And watching golf on TV, besides Bubba Watson playing a pink ball for a while, we never see the pros playing high visibility golf balls. I was always intrigued by those yellow balls I watched the members of my club playing on the course but always thought they were for older boys.

But my search for the best high visibility golf balls wasn't really an arduous journey because I've had so much fun trying new golf balls I wouldn't have tried before and I'm a total convert. From the Volvik Vivids at a corporate day to the charity day where I was given a sleeve of soccer ball print Callaways, I've played a ton of them and with exception of maybe the Chromax, I haven't lost a bit of performance. But let's dive in...

best high visibility golf balls

A typical driving range using Callaway, Volvik and Chromax high visibility golf balls

Which color ball is the easiest to track?

This is quite a subjective question, but the general consensus seems to be in this order:

  1. Green golf balls - I like the Volvik Vivid Green as the easiest to see
  2. Yellow golf balls - The mainstay of colored golf balls
  3. Pink golf balls - Like Boy George, not very masculine, but easy to spot 
  4. Orange golf balls - not advised for Fall/Autumn months with the leaves on the ground
  5. White golf balls
  6. Red golf balls
  7. Blue golf balls - They get lost in the sky and don't contrast as well on the ground

What's the difference between high visibility and white golf balls?

The only difference between a high visibility golf ball and a white ball of the same model is the color of the cover. The rest of the construction of the same model of golf ball is identical. 

Can high visibility golf balls improve my score?

Yes and no. The color of the ball won't make a difference to the way you hit the ball so physically no. But psychologically, the fun aspect and the ability to see your ball more easily through the air does give you a small confidence boost. 

When you know you're going to find your golf ball because you saw exactly where it landed and can walk directly to that spot, you feel confident to grip it and rip it. The lack of confidence inhibits your swing. So maybe the extra confidence could help? Let us know.

Best High Visibility Golf Balls

  1. Volvik Vivid (best visibility and performance combo)
  2. Callaway Chrome Soft (best all-round golf ball regardless of color)
  3. Bridgestone e12 Soft (best  for slow swingers and more distance)
  4. Srixon Z-Star (colorful alternative to the Pro V1)
  5. Callaway SuperSoft Multicolor Pack (best performing for slower swingers)

Best High Visibility Golf Balls in 2017

Volvik Vivid 

Best high visibility and performance combo

Volvik Vivid balls come in REALLY bright colors and are a favorite with guys looking for more visibility because it's impossible to miss them in the air. If you have deep rough at your course, you'll be able to track this beauty effortlessly and lose far less balls. And when I say really bright, I mean that you might think they'll glow in the dark.

The cover has a matte finish which adds to the uniqueness of the ball. Playing partners wondered if it was a practice ball or a rubber ball. It's a perfectly conforming three-piece ball and made of the identical material as other golf balls, just without the high gloss finish on it. 

Are they any good?

Yes. They're straight with a middle of the range medium feel off the club & high ball flight.

A lot of guys will pick this ball up for a laugh, as I did through a corporate golf day. But the laughing stops once you hit it. The weirdest (but best) thing I noticed with them is when I hit a shot, at the point I expect the ball to start descending back to the ground, the ball just keeps going that extra few yards in the air. 

I played these balls in a corporate day and I've used them often since then because they're long and straight and turn heads every time you break one out. I've hit my longest drives with this ball and it's no surprise Volvik is the sponsor for the long drive championships. I recently actually won a scramble using these balls while my partner used NXT Tour, my other new favorite golf ball.

  • Matte finish for glow in the dark style looks
  • Grippy feel of the cover off the face
  • Good for 70-95mph swings
  • Very helpful putting alignment arrow
  • Much easier to hit mid to long irons longer higher
  • Takes a couple holes to get accustomed to HOW bright they are
  • Scuff very easily but scuffs are hard to see
  • Not going to rip it back on greens

Callaway Chrome Soft

Best all-round ball

The Chrome Soft got a bad rep with the My Golf Spy testing, but it puts the focus on the "best golf ball" part of the 'best golf ball for high visibility'. Visibility is just a big bonus. This four-piece ball has taken the world by storm. 

They come in bright yellow but also the Truvis design which is pretty much a soccer ball print all over the ball and the one I preferred for a very long time.

Are they any good?

Callaway's Chrome Soft is a Tour level premium ball that competes toe to toe with the heavyweights like Titleist. The benefits to the average golfer beat out the Pro V1 due to low compression and a urethane cover giving you  excellent distance off the tee with soft feel and a lot of spin green side. 

All swing speeds will benefit from this golf ball and ​it stands up to high-end tour models chip for chip, pitch for pitch and putt for putt. Approaches into greens fly high and land and stick with strong spin.

As played by Phil Mickelson.​

  • For golfers of all handicaps - low to high
  • Buttery soft feel and spin around the greens
  • Very durable cover
  • Feels like balata ball with big distance
  • Truvis soccer ball print also available
  • Pricey

Bridgestone e12 Soft

Best high visibility ball for slower swing speeds

Three-piece golf balls are usually urethane covered, but Bridgestone has made a 3-piece surlyn covered ball. 

They added the third layer because they wanted to generate more ball speed after the success of the e6. Bridgestone needed to focus less on the softness of the ball and focus on finding the speed from this additional layer in the core. 

With the matte finish and 3 pieces, this surlyn ball will spin more than your average 2 piece ball, but of course not as much as a urethane covered ball. 

  • Bright colors on a 3 piece surlyn ball
  • Durable cover will not scratch easily
  • High launching for extra carry
  • Soft, consistent feel off the putter face
  • Similar price to Taylormade Project (a) which is urethane cover and comes in yellow

Srixon Z-Star

Glaring brightness with premium performance

The yellow Z Star golf ball is very bright and will be easy to see. Even the Pure White color balls are easier to spot than other white golf balls. 

Srixon produced an awesome premium level ball that performs as good as the top manufacturers' premium balls and makes it one of the best high visibility golf balls. With a compression of 88, and a Spin Skin cover, this ball performs as a premium ball should. If you swing less than 90 mph, you'll want to check out the Srixon Q-Star. 

Are they any good?

In a word, yes.

On a recent trip to South Africa, a free sleeve of Tour Yellow Z Stars was included as part of the green fee. On the two week trip, I never lost a single one even in the deep rough because I could track them to an almost exact location for searching.

Distance-wise they were as long as any golf balls I've hit. They stuck to the greens and for the first time in a long time, I finally got the ball to zip a few yards back on the Bent grass. The feeling was firmer on the club face but it was very cold on the course. The firm feeling gave good feedback on my insert putter face. Chipping was identical to using Pro V1.

Overall, Srixon produced great balls in the Z Star and Z Star XV and they perform off the tee as well as they do on the greens.

  • As long off the tee as top premium balls
  • Top value for money pricing
  • Both Yellow and Pure White are much brighter than standard balls
  • None

Callaway SuperSoft Multi-color Pack

Best overall high visibility golf balls for slower swingers

The SuperSoft Multicolor pack comes with four sleeves of balls each one a different color. Much easier on your wallet than premium balls on this list, they pack mega bang for your buck.

The SuperSoft is not a very soft ball but will help most golfers increase their distances off the tee and from the fairway. It's a two-piece ball with a very low compression of 35!

For the slower swinging golfers, this ball is going to reduce spin on the tee shots and long approaches while giving you a delicate feel around the greens.

Are they any good?

The SuperSoft is one of the most popular balls you'll find. The lower compression and trionomer cover produces less spin on your longer shots giving you more chance to hit the fairways and greens. That always makes golf more fun. If you're a mid to high handicapper, this is a perfect golf ball for you.

  • Longer off the tees for slower swingers
  • Distance boost for mid to high handicappers
  • Softer feeling surlyn cover is durable
  • Fantastic value pricing
  • Feel is quite marshallowy on insert putters like Odyssey


The Volvik Vivids definitely take the cake for the best visibility and funkiest color availability as well as performance. But overall, disregarding the color aspect, the best overall ball would definitely be the Chrome Soft.

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I believe Callaway has added a couple matte ball colors (including my favorite, RED) in the Supersoft line, for 2019.

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I think certain color golf balls are best for certain conditions. Green for dark overcast, Yellow for pre-dawn or twilight, Orange for bright cloudless skies.

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Thinking a pink ball is not masculine says much more about you as opposed to the one playing it.

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Thinking a Golf ball color is not masculine says much more about you as opposed to the one playing it.

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Where can I buy these high visability golf balls.

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