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Best Driver for 90 mph Swing Speed in 2021

Why do you think it's great that your swing speed is right around the global average?

Well sir, because at around 90 mph, your swing fits most of the drivers you see in golf shops anywhere.

And it makes it VERY simple to pick the right shaft which is even more important than the club head. 

In this article I intend to show you:

  • Which shaft is right for your swing
  • Which driver lofts give you more carry
  • The best darn list of best drivers for 90 mph swing speeds

The best manufacturers make drivers extremely easy to hit and each year the options get better and better. We'll look through some well-known and lesser known ones below where you can pick up a bargain to take your game to the next level.

A typical 85-90 mph swing

The right shaft for 90 mph swings is MOST IMPORTANT

With a 90 mph swing speed, you're around the average swing speed of golfers worldwide. That makes life incredibly easy for you! Your swing speed fits a REGULAR driver shaft perfectly and with a regular shaft, your tee shots will fly straighter and longer more often.

Stiff shafts will produce low ball flight and a lot of slices. A softer than regular shaft will cause shots to fly left and right at random. I suggest you get a driver with a REGULAR shaft.

best drivers handicap golfer

If however, you have a very quick rhythm to your swing but the speed is still around 90 mph, there is a newer shaft introduced in the golfing world called SR - STIFF REGULAR. This is fantastic if you have a fast, jerky kind of swing to be able to actually give you more rhythm with a bit more stiffness.

The best thing you can do for your game is to get fitted for a shaft by a fitting professional if you find nothing seems to work. You can pick your favorite club online and take it to the club fitter and he'll install a shaft more appropriate for your exact swing. It's easily the best investment you can make.


Loft is the 2nd most important aspect. While 9° or 10° are good lofts for professionals or 100 mph+ swingers; at 90 mph, I strongly suggest 11° to 13° of loft in a driver. The additional loft makes the club much more forgiving and far more accurate. Increased launch angle also means you'll get more carry on your drives for more distance. 

Imagine hitting a 3 iron. Ouch! Now imagine hitting the PW. Oh, that feels good right? Increased loft is evidently more forgiving just from our personal experience. The only thing keeping guys hitting low lofted drivers is ego. 

Put EGO aside for a second my good man

Lots of guys have shafts that are too stiff, loft that is too low and clubs that are too long. 

Be honest with yourself and look at your shot-shape. Are you getting a straight ball flight or a little fade or a little draw? Or are you slicing and hooking erratically? Are you using an X-stiff or stiff shaft?

Are you still totally full-strength or losing power? Perhaps a super-lite regular shaft will help you instead of the stiff one you've had for 15 years!

New technology gives you big distance and greater accuracy

Paired with the right golf ball, modern drivers can add significant yardage to your long game. Some guys even notice 20 yard gains. Below are the best drivers for a 90 mph swing speed. Check out our guide on golf balls for 90 mph swings

Some drivers are also adjustable so you can change the loft of the club yourself and become your own club fitter. It all depends on how much you want to tinker.

It's important for me to note: I DO NOT advocate for drivers that adjust to infinite amount of settings. I don't mind perhaps a fixed interchangeable weight plate or the ability to adjust the loft up or down, but sliding weights and infinite settings is a surefire way to doubt yourself all the way round the course when you hit them offline.

Let's keep it simple as possible so you never have decision paralysis, and so that you an swing freely off the tee instead of worrying about your settings.

The Best Drivers for 90 mph Swing Speed

Forgiving toward the toe and high in the face

While the name Srixon isn't so visible on the PGA Tour, the brand which falls under the Dunlop/Cleveland?Srixon umbrella have released a little masterpiece in this club.

If you tend to hit the ball toward the toe or high in the face, this driver turns the directional miss and distance loss minimal. The mid-handicap players I play with who have this driver often tell me they toe'd a drive, we look at the face and yes it's high on the toe, yet the ball has gone the same distance as the middle hits.

The very same guys are golfers who couldn't keep a ball on line and a large number of them even converted to Srixon from PING.

It's a simple classic looking driver in the mould of the old Cleveland Launcher with the gold shaft with minimal decal on the crown so your eyes are focused on the shot not the alignment aid. The face has very few lines on it and there is no big ugly picture like on an Epic's face. Clean lines with a very high powerful face. 

Great shaft and non-adjustable

As mentioned earlier, less adjustability is better for peace of mind. This driver is non-adjustable. You get a simple point-and-shoot driver that leaves you confident over the ball without worrying about weight plates and spin rates. It's a goer. 

The shaft that normally comes standard is a Project X HZRDS which is top of the range. Fit with a regular (5.0) shaft is a dream.

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    Simple non-adjustable point-and-shooter
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    Toe hits and high in the face hits travel long
  • check-circle
    Lightweight shaft for more speed
  • check-circle
    Classic look and shape with minimal fuss on the crown
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    Well priced compared to similar range drivers
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