About Eric & Matt

Hello! We're  Eric and Matt. We are Golf Sidekick.

Matt is the son and Eric is the dad - a real father and son story. 

Over the last 20 years, throughout school, college and eventually the corporate world, we've always made time for golf. Golf always brings us closer, whether that's on the range working out swing problems together or on the golf course. Matt playing and dad watching and regretting ever having a son of such low caliber. 

Dad always made time for watching me play sport even while running his own business. A real Sidekick.

The joy of seeing dad walking silently in the shade of the trees (without any warning) watching me play the back nine of a junior tournament was indescribable as a young boy. And he never failed to be there even in the tough times - even taking me to the range after the round when he had work to do! That really spurred my interest in golf to make dad proud. 

Dad sacrificed his chance at playing golf to cut costs to give me the opportunity to have the time of my life on the course as a junior.

But on top of that, dad always gave a lot of his time and love to others and it's pushed me to do the same. If I can't be a professional golfer, together dad and I can at least show you how to play better and have more fun.

We hope you enjoy the site and we want to share what we've learnt over the last 20 years through practice, trial and error and common sense. 


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