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About Golf Sidekick

Hi Playa

The Golf Sidekick is the Robin to your Batman, the Chewy to your whoever it is in Star Trek he is the sidekick to. Born in a crossfire hurricane, I grew up playing this game on and off, never understanding the mental aspects of the game and how to overcome them, never having that person to guide me through the maze of equipment and gameplay.

That was until 3 years ago, when i started playing again after a 4-5 year absence. I decided to be that person for as many golfers as I can. Golfers are my tribe and you're in it.

A few years ago, through my thinking and philosophizing, The Way of the Playa was born and Stress Free Golf was created. Armed with what some are calling a bucket hat and sunglasses, I bring you only the best advice, best recommendations and best information for you. There's no ghost writing, there are no non-golfers involved here. You won't find a lot of fluff. Just the good stuff by me...a real life golfer.

I'm here to help your game through equipment recommendations, tips on breaking your scoring barriers and having more fun at golf. My secondary mission is to stop people quitting this wonderful game.

But my main mission is to reduce the worlds collective handicap by 5 strokes and that means you too playa. You can catch all the mental advice, course management concepts, and overall fun at the Golf Sidekick Youtube channel.

Check out waddaplayagolf for the finest golf apparel as well as I design and create items I personally want to use in a way I want to use them. It is not a merch scam. It's genuinely high quality apparel and accessories designed by me for the playas.

Let's keep it golf only. That's what life's all about.