A Haven for
double digit handicappers

Who is the Golf Sidekick?

Hello! We're Eric and Matt - father & son and sidekicks to each other in both golf and life.

We're Making Golf Fun Again!

Dad always made time to watch me play sport even while starting, struggling with and running his own business. A real sidekick.

The joy of seeing dad walking silently in the shade of the trees, watching me play the back nine of a junior tournament was a dream for me as a boy. And he never failed to be there even in the tough times - taking me to the range and course before and after the work day. His maximum effort spurred my interest in golf to make him proud. 

On top of that, dad always gave a lot of his time and love to others who needed it which has pushed me to do the same.

If I'm not going to be a professional golfer, the very least dad and I can do is show you how to play smarter and have more fun on the course. We have only one mission: getting more golfers on the golf course, having fun with the boys and dropping their scores so they keep coming back! 

The Chewbacca of Golf

I am your Golf Sidekick - the Robin to your Batman; the Barney Rubble to your Fred Flintstone and the Chewbacca to your Han Solo. 

I hope to show you how to get more out of this game without stress and torture. We want to see more golfers hitting the fairways and fewer giving up the game. 

We're not here to change your swing - only to give you the secrets we've learnt over the last 20 years through practice, trial, error and common sense so you can merely think your way to better scores. Please take a look through the game improvement guides and the equipment guides to see how to lower your scores ASAP.

If you would like to get in contact, please email [email protected] for suggestions, questions, comments - whatever you feel like! I always like hearing from readers. Thank you to the hundreds who have emailed already!